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Ways To Choose A Dog Graphic Tee That Has A Personal Feel

by Rene Mitchelle

When you love your dog, it's fun to buy various pieces of dog-related apparel that you can wear. There are lots of dog-themed graphic tees on the market, allowing you to browse an assortment of designs and pick out something that appeals to you. While there's nothing wrong with choosing a T-shirt that has a generic dog image or message, it can be fun to shop for a specific garment that has more of a personal feel. If you're patient as you shop, there's a good chance that you'll find a dog tee that feels very relatable to you and your dog. Here are some things to look for.

Specific Breed 

Instead of buying a shirt that depicts a generic dog, look for one that relates to the breed of dog you own. You'll see all sorts of dog tees that reference a specific breed through either wording or an image. Whether you have a retriever, a poodle, a chihuahua, or another breed, you shouldn't have trouble finding a shirt that makes reference to the breed of your pet. If your dog has a mixed breed, you can even find shirts that have this type of message.


There are lots of dog shirts that make reference to the behavior of a dog. For example, you'll see shirts that refer to a dog being high energy and others that refer to a dog favoring rest above all else. Another good way to ensure that your dog-themed tee has a personal feel is to consider your pet's typical behavior. If you have a puppy or a dog that has a lot of energy, you'll want to find a shirt that features a message about high-energy dogs. Conversely, if you have an older dog that loves napping while you relax on the couch, you should shop for this type of message.

How You Acquired The Pet

If the manner in which you acquired your dog is important to you, you may wish to look for a T-shirt that references this subject matter. A popular way to acquire a dog is by finding a rescue dog at a local shelter. Many people feel that this approach is highly conscientious and may wish to celebrate it. A T-shirt that has a message about your dog being a rescue dog can be a good option in this case.

If you want your clothing to represent your dog, look for a dog-themed graphic T-shirt.