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3 Exciting Things About Crotchless Panties

by Rene Mitchelle

The right piece of lingerie can excite you and your partner, increase your confidence, and lead to a lot of fun in bed for both of you. One naughty and fun type of lingerie that you'll often find at local and online retailers is a pair of crotchless panties. This linky lingerie can vary in appearance from garment to garment, but the common design element is that there's an opening that leaves your private area visible when you have the garment on. If you wish to add a pair of crotchless panties to your wardrobe, browse a lingerie retailer to find a style that suits you. Here are some exciting things about crotchless panties.

They Can Be a Surprise

One of the reasons that some people favor wearing crotchless panties is that they can offer a big surprise to your partner. For example, if you don this garment under your clothing and begin to tease your partner by partially removing your clothing to reveal the lingerie, they'll initially see the lingerie but have no idea of their crotchless design. It's only when you completely remove your clothing that your partner will see that your new panties are missing a crotch—a discovery that will undoubtedly excite them, especially if you've never previously worn crotchless panties.

You Can Leave Them On

While it's fun to wear lingerie during flirting and foreplay, it's common to remove some or all of it before intercourse. When you wear crotchless panties, you can leave them on during sex. Trying to do so is challenging with conventional panties. While you might like the idea of moving them to one side during intercourse, this can sometimes feel uncomfortable or awkward. If you like the idea of trying sex with your panties on, a crotchless design can be the way to go.

They Won't Ride Up

Another thing that you'll notice when you start wearing crotchless panties is that this type of lingerie won't generally ride up into your crotch area. If you enjoy the idea of doing a sexy dance for your partner, you might have occasionally had underwear that rode up a little during this movement and had to readjust it. You might not feel that rearranging your underwear is very sexy, but this is something that you won't have to do with crotchless panties because of their lack of material in the crotch. Check out various kinky lingerie selections to find the next pair for you.