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3 Ways to Style a Long, Rainbow Dress

by Rene Mitchelle

When you first come across a long, rainbow-colored dress, you might think it's an outfit you'll only wear on special occasions. After all, it's very bold, distinct, and calls a lot of attention to itself, and you don't always want to be the focal point of the room. But actually, a rainbow dress can be a lot more versatile than you're thinking. It may not become a go-to piece that you wear once a week, but there are a number of occasions for which it can be appropriate. Here are three different ways to style it.

Relaxed and Hippie

The first way to style your long rainbow dress is to channel the hippies of the 1970s. They loved rainbow styles, so you can really lean into this one! Pair the dress with a pair of simple, flat, sling sandals. Look for a thick belt, perhaps one with some fringe, and fasten it around your waist to give the dress a little shape. When doing your hair, go with a relaxed look. Braiding long hair down your back will work. If you have shorter hair, go for a tousled style that looks like you just got out of bed. Keep makeup minimal, and if you wear jewelry, choose colorful and beaded pieces.


Another approach is to style your rainbow dress as if you were a rock star. Platform shoes or combat boots are a good choice when it comes to footwear. If you think the look could use a belt, look for a black studded one. Wear plenty of makeup in dark colors, and make sure your hairstyle looks edgy. If your hair is long and straight, wearing it down and parted down the middle will look the part. If it's shorter, spike it! Consider adding a rainbow hat of some sort to match the rainbow dress, and you'll really be rock and roll.


The final approach would be to make the dress look country. Rainbows do work well with country attire since they make you think of nature. A pair of cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat, and you're good to go. Of course, you can take things a step further and tie some ribbons in your hair if you please. A simple leather belt is a good choice, especially if it matches your boots.

A rainbow dress will always call attention to itself but when you style the dress well, that's a good thing. To learn more, contact a company like B'Come U.