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Four Features To Look For When Buying Compact Reading Glasses

by Rene Mitchelle

Compact reading glasses offer a perfect choice for use while traveling or while at the office. Getting the right pair can be easier if you know which features to look for. Use the following guide to help you as you shop for the perfect pair of reading glasses.


Not all reading glasses have the same fit you might be used to. While some have traditional arms, others have armless designs and sit securely on the bridge of your nose. If you have difficulty finding frames that fit your face, these arm-free glasses might be more comfortable. However, if you prefer to not feel the weight of the glasses on your nose, you may want to look for a more traditional pair. It's a good idea to try on different styles, sizes, and types to ensure the perfect fit for your face and your comfort level.


Magnification reading glasses are not the same as prescription lenses, so it may take some time to find the ideal lens for your eyes. Consider bringing a book or magazine with you when you go shopping for your new pair, as this will make it easier to test the different lenses to ensure comfortable reading. Make sure the reading material you bring has a font size you have difficulty reading without glasses to help you choose the right magnification level. You may even find that you want more than one pair so you can have different levels of magnification available for different types of texts.


Portability is essential when shopping for compact reading glasses. Fortunately, there are many different designs on the market that slip easily into a pocket, purse, or briefcase. Frames that fold in half are ideal travel companions, taking up minimal room in your carry-on bag. For the office, consider an ultra-thin pair that comes with a pen-style carrying case. The case fits neatly in a pencil cup on your desk for space-saving storage and a professional look. Flat-folding frames are easy to slide into a protective pouch, and some armless glasses even come with flat cases that affix to the back of your smartphone.


Of course, you want to look good when you wear your readers, so don't skimp out when it comes to style. Slim frames with modern silhouettes can dress up your looks. Consider bold colors to make an on-trend style statement, or go for a classic frame to show off your timeless sense of style. Compact reading glasses come in a wide array of designs, from iconic cat's eye silhouettes to wire-thin frames, making it easy to find your signature look. Contact a company that offers compact reading glasses for more information.