how to expand your limited wardrobe

Versatile Staples Every Woman Needs In Her Closeti

by Rene Mitchelle

So many women feel frustrated as their clothing collections outgrow their closets, and yet they find themselves unable to get rid of anything. If this frustration sounds all too familiar to you, then perhaps it's time to take a new approach with your clothing curation. If you select more versatile items, you can get by with fewer items in total because each item in your closet will have multiple purposes. The following are some basic, Versatile Womens Clothing staples every woman needs in her collection.

A Simple Black Dress

This is sometimes referred to as a "little black dress," but if you prefer to dress more conservatively, it does not have to be little. It should, however, be made from plain black material in a cut that you feel comfortable wearing everywhere from the office to a nice restaurant. You can pair a simple black dress with different jewelry and shoes to make it suitable for most any occasion. Wear a sweater over it in the winter for more warmth.

A White Cardigan

A white cardigan sweater is another important staple because it can turn a summer outfit into a fall or winter outfit. Just by adding this one sweater to your closet, you can extend the seasonality of your short-sleeve and sleeveless tops.

Dark Jeans

Dark jeans tend to be more versatile than medium-wash and light-wash jeans because they look a little more polished. You can dress them up with a nice blouse to make them suitable for dinner at mid-quality place, or you can dress them down with a T-shirt to go grocery shopping.

Black Ballet Flats

Black ballet flats are like the shoe version of a little black dress. You can wear them with a nice dress to a formal dinner, or slip them on with some jeans to run errands. The black will coordinate with any color, and the fact that they're flat keeps your feet comfortable whether you wear them for 12 hours or 2.

A Gray or White Button-Down

A button-down blouse in white, gray, or another neutral color is another incredible staple. You can wear it under a blazer for a formal look, on its own with a skirt for a business-casual look, or with jeans for a look that's more laid back.

With these versatile staples, you can be well dressed without stuffing your closet. Make sure each item you choose is good quality so it stands up to frequent wear.