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What Handcrafted Shoes Have To Offer

by Rene Mitchelle

One of the foundations of an exceptional wardrobe is a pair of high-quality shoes. Although mass-market shoes have a place in most wardrobes, they can't compare with handcrafted luxury shoes. When you wear shoes that have been made to fit your feet and last for years, you may find that you don't want to go back to less-expensive options. Here are a few reasons to buy handcrafted luxury shoes from a modern cobbler.

High-Quality Materials

With all of the effort that a cobbler puts into each handcrafted luxury shoe, making shoes out of poor-quality materials just doesn't make sense. Cobblers choose materials like full-grain leather, natural cork, and dense cotton thread coated in beeswax. These materials are strong, durable, and beautiful. They create shoes with a classic, high-quality look that lasts far longer than mass-market shoes. These materials are also highly repairable, so even if you do manage to scuff or otherwise damage your shoes, you can expect to be able to restore them to good-as-new condition with some shoe polish and wax or the help of a local cobbler.

A Perfect Fit

Unlike mass-market shoes, handcrafted shoes can be shaped to every individual. When you wear shoes that fit perfectly, you will feel completely different about wearing shoes in general. At the end of a long day on your feet, you will feel comfortable in your shoes or out of them. You may not even notice your feet during the day, due to the ergonomic and comfort-focused design of many handcrafted luxury shoes. When you wear shoes that are the perfect size for your feet, you may also notice that your feet look perfectly proportional to the rest of your body. You won't need to worry about the visible effects of squishing your feet into too-small shoes or wearing shoes that look several sizes too big. Instead, your shoes should have a balanced, professional look.

Timeless Style

The art of handcrafting shoes has been around for centuries. Before industrialization, all shoes were handcrafted, and many of the techniques that cobblers use today stem from traditional techniques used by cobblers hundreds of years ago. As a result, modern handcrafted shoes all have a timeless elegance to them that can't be achieved as easily with modern mass-market manufacturing techniques. If you look closely at a handcrafted shoe, pay attention to stitching patterns and locations, sole design, and the way the leather has been shaped to accommodate the curves to the shoe. You should be able to see some of the work the cobbler put into making the shoe the perfect size and shape and their efforts to reinforce high-stress areas like the toe box and the top of the heel.

To learn more about handcrafted luxury shoes, reach out to a local cobbler.