how to expand your limited wardrobe

Choose Luxurious Lingerie And Other Outfits For Your Honeymoon

by Rene Mitchelle

Will you be marrying the man of your dreams in the near future? If so, you must be very busy with wedding plans. You are more than likely also thinking of the honeymoon that will follow your wedding. Do you have all of the clothes picked out that you'll take on your honeymoon trip? Maybe you are looking for some ideas for your trousseau. If so, you've come to the right place. Read on for some ideas that might be helpful.

Go With Luxury Cotton Sleepwear

When you read the word cotton maybe you think of very casual clothes like T-shirts and jeans. Imagine if you could have elegance and comfort at the same time. That's what you'll get if you buy luxury cotton loungewear. Besides being comfortable, this type of nightwear comes in so many styles that you will want to select more than one item made out of this beautiful fabric.

For instance, what kind of a look do you want for your wedding night? Are you wanting something very elegant? If so, consider buying a long nightgown in your fiancĂ©'s favorite color. Maybe you want something very flirty and sexy. If that's the case, go with a gorgeous bra and panty set, and pair it with a matching robe. A cami set that goes with flowing, full pants would be a combination of elegance and flirtation. Another idea is to buy a romper created from luxury cotton. That would give you a playful look.

Plan The Other Outfits

Where are you going on your honeymoon? That will definitely determine the clothes you'll be packing. For instance, if you are going on a honeymoon cruise, you'll want to include one or two elegant outfits to wear for the formal events. You should also remember to pack light. If you've never been on a cruise, you may not realize that you'll more than likely have limited space in your stateroom. As you pack light, consider packing things that can be worn in different ways. A black skirt with a cute T-shirt for casual wear can turn into a very elegant outfit when paired with a silk tunic and elegant jewelry.

Maybe your honeymoon will take you to a city that has many museums and other local attractions. If so, be sure to pack at least two pairs of comfortable shoes, as you'll probably be doing a lot of walking.