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Promote Your Own Rasta Solidarity: Options To Reflect Your Standing

by Rene Mitchelle

Every movement, whether in social circles or in music, has a style and the means to promote the movement. When it comes to Rasta, you have to first understand what the movement is about before you choose to stand with the rest, and choose to sport the iconic items associated with Rasta and Rasta music. Then you can stand in solidarity with those in the movement, and promote said movement with the following options and your personal position with the movement. 

Grow Dreads

Bob Marley is one of the major music icons of Rasta. He grew dreadlocks; big, long, thick dreads that hung down past his waist and had to be worn tucked into a Jamaican Rasta hat. The first thing you need to do is grow some dreads. More to the point, grow your hair long enough to braid it into the dreadlocks, and then have a professional "rat up" the dreads for you. That is a good start.

Get and Wear a Rasta Hat

Usually these hats are tri-colored to reflect the three bands of color in the Jamaican flag. You can buy and wear this hat, or buy a similarly styled but less colorful version. It helps you tuck your long dreads up into the hat when you need to keep them out of the way (especially in job situations where you cannot have dreads flopping around food and drink). It will also keep the bald part lines on your scalp warm when cold winds blow. 

Wear a Rasta Zip-up Hoodie

A Rasta zip up hoodie is key Rasta wear. It should be made of hemp because Rasta members like wearing all-natural, strong, and waterproof fibers. Your hemp hoodie will keep you dry, warm, and never go threadbare, something other hoodies cannot claim. In a pinch, or a Rasta bonfire celebration, you can burn the hoodie for its natural fibers (although it is recommended that you wear it instead of burn it). 

Think "Relaxed" Lifestyle

The rest of what you wear should be jeans or island shorts (a.k.a., Bermuda shorts), and boat/deck shoes, although tennis shoes/sneakers is alright. Rasta members are very passionate about their movement, but they are also very relaxed. Adopt a relaxed approach to life, with the exception of protests and Rasta activities. Listen to a lot of Rasta Reggae music, as it will calm you down but also rev up your dedication to this movement.