how to expand your limited wardrobe

Are You Wanting To Add Interest To Your Wardrobe?

by Rene Mitchelle

Are you the kind of person who usually selects very classic clothes? If so, maybe you are wanting to change things up a bit by adding interest to your wardrobe. Do you already have a plan in mind? If so, maybe you have already started your shopping expedition. If that's not the case, from going to a vintage clothing store to choosing accessories for the clothes you already own, here are some ideas that might help you.

Go To A Vintage Clothing Store

Have you already shopped at this type of store in the past? If your wardrobe has mostly classic styles in it, it's likely that you haven't been to a store that sells vintage items. Consider looking for stores that sell vintage clothes. You'll probably be amazed at what you will find there. And the cherry on top is that the price of each clothing item will more than likely be very affordable. 

Think of buying both casual clothes and more elegant outfits. For example, the store will probably have vintage band T-shirts that will go well with black slacks, jeans, and summer capris and shorts. An extra T-shirt would even serve as a swimsuit cover-up, wouldn't it?  

Look for dresses and skirts that will be appropriate for more elegant events. For example, a spaghetti-strap dress from the '50s or '60s might be perfect for a summer party. Shirtwaist dresses that you have seen on old television shows will be great for Sundays or to go to lunch with the gals. And, you might even find a perfect little black dress that reminds you of something Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn would wear. That black dress might be perfect for super elegant events. 

Choose Accessories To Enhance Your Wardrobe

If you have excellent clothes in your closet already, of course you want to keep them. You can certainly add interest to those items by selecting accessories to complement them. For example, if you have a classic navy blue column dress, think of buying a chain belt and a chain necklace to give it a different look. The same dress could be worn with a wide hand-tooled leather belt and a cute bandana to give it a bit of a western look.

Choose things like scarves and cardigan sweaters to add interest to your present wardrobe. Costume jewelry will add a bit of drama to your present wardrobe, too. The good thing is that you can buy accessories at the same vintage store that you purchased your new clothes.