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Common Questions About Signing Up For A Women's Clothing Subscription

by Rene Mitchelle

These days, you can find a subscription service to feed just about every interest, need, or want. If you want razors shipped to you monthly, you can get it. If you want random books to add to your personal library, it's possible. You can even get a subscription box every month filled with clothing that is picked out specifically for your style tastes and preferences. How cool is that?

There are a lot of perks that come along with signing up for a women's clothing subscription service, for sure, but getting clothing in this fashion is bound to bring a lot of questions. Here's a look at a few questions women tend to have about clothing subscription services and the answers you need to know. 

How does the whole thing work when you sign up?

When you sign up for a women's clothing subscription, you will typically fill out a questionnaire or style profile in which you will tell the company things like:

  • What size you wear in pants, skirts, shirts, etc. 
  • If you prefer casual or dressy clothing
  • What colors or patterns you tend to buy when you shop for certain items
  • Your hair and skin color 
  • Where you will probably wear the clothing you get

Additionally, some companies will allow you to decide how much you want to spend on a box every month, which will determine in the end how many different clothing articles you get in your subscription box. 

How does the company pick what to send you?

The company will look at your style profile and make selections based on that. However, they will also look at styles that are trending at the time the box is organized and make selections depending on things like:

  • what people in your age group are buying
  • what time of year it is
  • what brands you love 

What is in your box will almost always be completely different than what is in the box of some other subscriber. 

What happens when you get something you don't like?

Most women's subscription services offer some kind of exchange program if you get something in your box that you do not necessarily like. For example, if you get a blouse that simply doesn't fit your style preferences, you should be able to send it back for credits or exchange the item for something else. In some cases, the company will allow you to send back the entire box if you are unhappy with the clothing inside overall. 

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