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Are You Shopping For Jewelry?

by Rene Mitchelle

Do you have a list of gifts you have to buy for friends and family who have special occasions coming up? Perhaps some of them live out of town, making the delivery of those gifts an extra expense. If that's true, have you considered giving jewelry? After all, it's more than likely that the packages will be small and light, making packaging and mailing pretty easy and inexpensive. From buying colorful plastic jewelry for little girls to purchasing one-of-a-kind tie tacks for the guys on your list, here are some ideas that might help you give a gift that the recipient will enjoy receiving and using.

Little Girls - Maybe you have a little niece who is having a birthday. If so, imagine the look on her face when she opens a pretty box that has colorful plastic jewelry in it. That type of jewelry is probably not very expensive, so consider buying a set that includes a necklace, a bracelet, and even a set of rings. 

Older Girls - Whether it's teenage girls or women, have you noticed that they can't seem to have enough earrings in their jewelry collection? So, buy earrings! Match them to the personality of the recipient of the gift. For example, if the gal for whom you are shopping loves classic clothes, she'll probably like pearl studs, even if they're faux pearls. If she likes trendy clothes, she'll probably love big hoop earrings. Make them unique by selecting a braided design.

The Guys - Tie tacks will probably be a perfect gift for little boys and big boys. However, that's a pretty tiny gift, so you might consider buying a tie to go with the tie tack. Again, buy something that matches the recipient's interest. For example, if the little boy or the man who will be receiving the tie and tie tack loves boats, look for a tie that has boats as the design of the fabric, and buy a boat tie tack.

While you're shopping for specific items, consider buying extra small jewelry items just to have on hand. For example, if you all of a sudden remember that it's the birthday of one of the gals in your book club, if you have a collection of jewelry in stock, you can shop for a gift right at your very own house. Keep assorted cards, tissue paper, and wrapping paper on hand, too. 

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