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Urban Clothing Trends For Spring 2018

by Rene Mitchelle

Urban Style

Trends move faster in larger cities, with clothing styles being inspired by movies, books, and music in pop culture. Urban style has an edge, but it needs to be practical as well. Urban clothes are often cutting edge; while they maybe inspired by runway looks, often fashion designers look to urban street style to inform their aesthetic. New trends form in dense urban centers like London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. To predict what consumers want to buy, designers will scout looks in these cities, as trends emerge in these places before anywhere else.

Urban Trends For Spring 2018

Urban style is often slick and cool, but made for walking, dancing, and working. The outfits are designed to take the wearer from day to night, as they take on many roles during a long day in the city. These are the strongest trends for Spring 2018.

Paper Bag Drop Waist Pants

While skinny jeans just cant't seem to give up the ghost, roomier styles have slowly been creeping onto the streets and runways. Pants that are "paper-bagged", are baggier around the hips and thighs and then cinched at the waist, creating a paper bag affect. The legs can be roomy or end in a skinny jeans style. The look is inspired by pants in the nineties. These pants can be found in all sorts of colors, fabrics, and textures this spring. They appear some in denim, but mostly they will be in khaki, army green, linen, and other light weight chino fabrics. The bottom of the pants can be rolled for an extra breezy look.

Ripped Hem Jeans

These are becoming widely available pre-ripped. Fashion forward urban consumers have been cutting and fraying the bottoms of their jeans for a few seasons now. The look is laid back and customizable. Jeans can be cut to the exact length that is perfect for grazing ankle boots. These jeans are also roomier than the skinny jeans that have been ubiquitous for the last decade. These jeans also are lighter in color.

Light Color Denim

Pants this spring are inspired by early nineties R and B and hip-hop. There is a lot of light denim, which looks incredibly fresh for spring. This is being paired with striped shirts and vintage sweatshirts for a laid book look. 

Chunky Gold Jewelry

Chunky gold hoop earrings with big designs finish off the whole look.