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How To Host A Birthday Party For Your Little Ballerina Daughter

by Rene Mitchelle

Is your little girl enamored with everything that spells ballet? If so, consider using that interest as the theme for her birthday party. From the perfect ballerina invitations to choosing ballet leotards for part of her birthday present, here are some ideas for you:

The Invitations - Think of asking your little girl to help you make one-of-a-kind invitations that can be sent through the mail:

  • Start by choosing her favorite color for the paper you will use to make her invitations.
  • A cute idea would be to cut out construction paper in the shape of ballet shoes.
  • Write the party information on a separate little paper and tie it on the paper ballet shoe with lace.

The Activity - Let the little girls dance!

  • Buy pink socks for each little guest and dress them up to look like ballet slippers.
  • Think about buying a DVD that shows little girls how to ballet dance.
  • Another idea is to simply put on lively music and just turning the party room into a dancing room.
  • Give each girl a turn at being the dance leader, and perhaps make up games that have to do with dancing.

The Gifts - For sure, buy ballet related items:

  • For your little girl, think about giving her a gift basket. In the basket, place ballet leotards and ballet slippers along with a coupon that invites her to attend a real ballet class.
  • If you do decide to enroll your little girl in ballet dance instruction, find out the specific leotards that the dance studio wants her to wear before you shop.
  • Choose ballet leotards in different colors so that she'll be able to wear them for playtime, too.
  • For the party favors, think about giving each of your daughter's guests her own professional ballet leotard. They're quite affordable, so this won't be too hard on the pocketbook.

When the party is over and all of your daughter's friends have gone home, think about using that time to help your little girl to write thank you notes. If she's too little to actually write, it would still be fun for her to draw and color pictures of things that happened at her birthday party. Another idea is to use the same design that you used for her party invitations as the note cards. Even just putting a happy face along with Xs and Os for hugs and kisses and your little girl's name would be an appropriate thank you note.