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How To Pick T-Shirts For Your Family Reunion

by Rene Mitchelle

Is this the year that you're in charge of picking out the t-shirts for your family reunion? If so, you might be wondering how to make them the best t-shirts in your family reunion history. Here are some idea of how to make that happen.

The Design - If you're an artist yourself, you're probably excited about creating your own design for the family reunion t-shirts. Otherwise, get some help.

Think of asking family members to submit ideas to you. Encourage even little children to come up with a design that can be screen printed onto the shirts.

Consider using a theme for the t-shirts. For example, if this year's family reunion theme is Family Trees Build Strength, think about having a picture of a tree with many branches on the front of the shirt.

If you're just not having any success coming up with an idea, get help from professionals. The people at your screen printing service will not only have books full of ideas in them, but they can help you to create your own design.

Remember that different colors can be used in your screen printing. For example, if the theme of your family reunion is Live Over The Rainbow, then all of the colors of the rainbow can be used.

The Actual T-Shirts - After you have made a decision on which design to use, get the work done.

Don't forget to get exact sizes from all of those who will be attending your family reunion. 

Consider getting different colors for different ages. For example, little kids could have bright red t-shirts, teenagers could have turquoise, and the adults could have green.

Think of ordering a few more t-shirts than you need, just in case you have unexpected people who show up. Screen printing is very affordable, so cost shouldn't be a big issue, especially if family members are contributing to the final cost.

Screen printing is very long lasting. Choose t-shirts that will last through many wash cycles so that later on they can be used along with t-shirts from other years to make quilts for high school graduation gifts, wedding gifts, and other times that you want a sentimental presents.

While you're at it, think of getting screen printing done on things like towels and baseball caps. Follow the same theme that you used for the t-shirts. One very nice thing to do is to have bags screen printed that you can use as welcome gifts. If you know exactly who is coming to the reunion, you could even have each person's name screen printed on his or her own bag.