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3 Reasons To Find An Army Surplus Store As A Prepper

by Rene Mitchelle

There are more people than ever before who are building a stock of emergency and survival supplies to keep on hand for just in case the unthinkable or unexpected occurs. If you consider yourself one of these people, you probably have several stores and retailers you rely on to find the supplies that you need to build your prepper stash. However, there is one store that can give you access to things you may not even think to have around and that is an army surplus store. While you are building your repertoire of survival equipment, there are a handful of good reasons to find an army surplus store as a prepper:

Find important outerwear that you cannot get at other places. 

If you are in a survival situation, you may have to leave your home carrying just what you can hold in your hands or carry on your body. The military uses this same idea to create some of the most important pieces of outerwear for troops and personnel. At an army surplus store, you can find things like tactical vests, jackets, and other outerwear pieces that are specifically designed to allow you to carry a range of items, whether it is ammunition or water supplies. 

Get your hands on clothing that is suited for survival situations. 

Did you know some military pants have knee padding built right in? Were you aware that some long-sleeved military shorts are completely waterproof, which means the sleeves could essentially be cut off and used to tote water if necessary? Military clothing is designed to be rugged and tough, but also highly functional, which is just what you need in a survival situation. Army surplus stores offer a range of military-style clothing that you could find to add to your survival equipment cache. 

Ensure your feet are rightly protected with combat-ready boots. 

In any strenuous survival situation, keeping your feet protected is crucial because this will often be your only means of transportation, and a foot injury can be life threatening. Therefore, finding good combat boots for every member of the family is important as a prepper. An army surplus store makes this an easy feat by offering a full range of combat-style boots that are durable enough to have the authentic tactical tag. These boots are designed to withstand the elements, support your foot and keep it protected, and can even withstand a high level of force. 

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