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The Short Girl's Guide To Wearing Rompers

by Rene Mitchelle

Rompers are all the rage among fashionable women today- and for good reason. These clothing items are comfortable, casual, and provide you with the opportunity to express a carefree sense of style. Unfortunately, wearing a romper when you are on the shorter side can be challenging.

To ensure that your fashion choices don't turn into a disaster, here are three tips that you can use to successfully wear rompers when you are short.

1. Invest in rompers with a cinched waist.

As you shop for rompers to add to your wardrobe, it's essential that you look for pieces with a cinched waist. Having some elastic that accentuates your waist will prevent the romper from looking too boxy, which can make you look even shorter than you are.

A cinched waist also allows you to keep the bottom of the romper in place, preventing the shorts from becoming too long. If you do fall in love with a romper that doesn't have a cinched waist, be sure to add a belt to accentuate your waistline and keep the romper firmly in place.

2. Choose a romper made from a fabric with a simple pattern.

When you are on the shorter side, wearing a busy print can make you look more juvenile than sophisticated. As you look for rompers to add to your summer wardrobe, stick to pieces made from a fabric with a simple pattern.

Solid-colored rompers are always a great style choice. These solid pieces allow you to create many different looks by adding colorful accessories. Purchasing rompers with vertical stripes can also be beneficial when you are short, as the vertical stripes will create the illusion of height and make you appear a bit taller than you actually are.

3. Stick with a romper featuring a simple design.

If you want a romper to look great on your petite frame, then you should stick with pieces that feature a simple design. Rompers with excessive fabric, ruffled trims, or lots of layers can make a shorter girl look like she is weighed down.

To avoid having your romper look like it's a burden to wear, stick with a piece featuring a simple design and elegant detailing. Use the texture of the fabric to add interest, not the ornate design of the piece itself.

Adding rompers to your summer wardrobe can be a fun way to create stunning and trendy outfits. Be sure that your romper doesn't overwhelm your short frame by sticking with pieces that have a cinched waist, a plain or simple fabric, and a simple design. For more information, contact a business such as Ooh La Luxe.