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Tips For Properly Caring For Your Leggings

by Rene Mitchelle

A pair of high-quality leggings can be extremely comfortable and fashionable. However, these garments can be seemingly difficult to maintain, which can cause them to need to be replaced much sooner than necessary. To make sure that your leggings stay in good condition, you can use these tips when you are washing and drying these garments.

Avoid Using Hot Water When Washing The Leggings

Washing the leggings will be a task that needs to be done every time that you wear them. Unfortunately, many people will use hot water when they are performing this type of care. While hot water can be extremely effective at cleaning garments, it can also cause substantial wear the elastic in your leggings. This can cause them to become loose or otherwise damaged. You can minimize this type of wear to the leggings by always washing them in cold water as this will avoid the heat that can warp the elastic fibers in the leggings.

Let The Leggings Air Dry

It can be tempting to simply use the dryer after you have washed the leggings. This device may be able to rapidly dry out the leggings, but it will do this by exposing them to rather intense heat. In fact, this heat can be far more damaging than using hot water. Air drying the leggings will avoid this problem, but you will need to be selective when choosing a spot to dry them. Ideally, you will want to choose a relatively warm room that has ample ventilation. You may be able to speed up the drying process by placing a dehumidifier in the room with the leggings. Fortunately, the fabric for leggings is relatively thin and does not retain water very well, which will allow them to dry very quickly.

Clean The Leggings After Each Time You Wear Them

It is common for leggings to be worn during exercise or other activities. Perspiration can absorb into the fabric of the leggings, and this can prove to be a suitable habitat for bacteria. These bacteria can contribute to the leggings developing fouls odors, but they can also put you at a higher risk of developing skin problems as well as discoloring the leggings. Washing the leggings as soon as you take them off is the ideal way of avoiding these problems, but it may not always be practical. If you find that you are unable to wash your leggings for a day or two after wearing them, you should place them in a location where any remaining sweat will be able to quickly evaporate as this will limit the bacteria growing on them.

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