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Rafting Rentals: Accessories To Rent Or Purchase With Your Inflatable Raft

by Rene Mitchelle

Whether you're spending a day out on a lake or coasting down a river current, a raft rental through a place like Boise  Army-Navy is a great experience. It's a great way to enjoy nature, spend time on the water, and socialize with family and friends. When renting a raft, you will typically get a life vest that comes with the rental. While this is important, it is not the only thing you will need for your trip. Planning ahead and knowing what extra elements to rent or purchase can make a huge difference for your trip. Use this guide before you head out on your next rafting adventure and your will have a much better experience.


No matter how much you can handle the sun on shore, it's a whole different beast once you are in the water. Water reflections can create all types of problems if you are out in the middle of it. There's typically nothing that can block out the sun and give your eyes relief. Wearing sunglasses allows you to look in all directions, enjoy the views, and helps you avoid squinting all day long. Many raft rental companies will have a wide assortment of sunglasses available for purchase. It's good to purchase a pair instead of using your favorite set because rough waters could cause them to crack or break while on the trip.

Hats or Visors

While most of your body will be covered during a rafting trip, your face will be really vulnerable to sunlight. As you relax and enjoy the rafting it can become really easy to forget to reapply sunscreen. You can add a little extra security to your face by purchasing a hat or visor to wear for the trip. It will help block out the sunlight and keep your face protected as you enjoy a long raft ride.

Water Guns

Add some entertainment to your rafting trip with a water gun rental. Many rafting companies offer special water guns that are made for boating trips. These guns are dipped into the water, back end is pulled up, and the barrel fills with water. This is a fast and easy way to shoot water at family and friends that are on the rafting trip with you. These water guns may be rented separately or together as a package deal. It all depends on the rafting company that you chose to rent from.

Being prepared can make a huge difference for your day on the water. Make a list and see what the rafting company has available before making your trip.