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Four Things You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Pair Of Western Boots

by Rene Mitchelle

Western boots, also sometimes referred to as cowboy boots, were the footwear of choice for those who lived on a ranch or out in the country. They served as excellent work boots and still do today; however, they have also quickly become a style choice. Both men and women enjoy pairing a fashionable set of western boots with jeans or even a casual dress. There are four things you need to consider before purchasing your first pair of these modern boots. 

Western Boots Fit Differently Than Other Shoes

While it is tempting to grab a pair of boots because they are the size you normally get when buying footwear, it could mean spending a good deal of money for nothing. You'll need to leave enough time to try a few pairs of the boots on to get the perfect fit. Since boots are known to stretch over time, it is ideal to find a pair that is snug, but not so tight that it causes you any discomfort. Then after a little wear, they will fit like a glove. 

The Material of the Boot Is Important

Western boots are made out of a few different materials. When selecting the material, it is important to consider how you plan on using the boots. For example, leather boots are very durable, which makes them a great choice for doing chores around the farm. Individuals who wish to make a fashion statement would do better with a pair of boots made from either alligator or snake skin. 

The Height Matters

Just like high-heeled shoes, western boots give wearers additional height. The most common heel sizes available in this type of footwear fall between three-quarters of an inch and one and three-quarters of an inch. Before purchasing a pair, make sure you spend a few minutes walking in the boots to make sure they are comfortable and that they help you achieve the height you're aiming for.

The Right Pair of Socks Make a Difference

The socks you wear while trying on the boots make a difference in how loose or snug the boots fit. Always bring a pair of socks with you to try on the footwear. These should be the just like the ones you plan to wear on a regular basis. The best socks for western boots reach close to the rim of the boots, as this type will keep the boots from irritating your skin. It is also a good idea for the socks to have a little thickness to them to provide extra cushioning.