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How To Choose The Perfect Love This Life Bracelet For Your Wife

by Rene Mitchelle

If your wife or girlfriend has fallen in with the scores of women who adore the Love This Life bracelets, you're not alone. The company was founded by musician David Culiner as a grassroots organization in 2003. His vision has expanded across the globe, making his clothing and accessories available in fourteen different countries. Needless to say, fashionistas worldwide are not only buying his jewelry and t-shirts, but they're also decorating their bodies with tattoos of the company's logo. Maybe your wife isn't ready for something that permanent, but picking a Love This Life bracelet that she will love entails a little more forethought than gold vs. silver. They come in four different styles: standard charm, bangle, cuff, and lariat. Once you know their key features, you'll be able to choose the perfect gift for that special occasion. 


Charm bracelets have the traditional chain-link appearance. Most women who opt for this accessory do so because they can add multiple charms to it over the years. And if your wife has a smaller than average wrist, they can be easily adjusted at most any jewelry counter by simply removing one of the links.

The Love This Life charm bracelets come in varying themes that are reflected on the charms themselves. Sayings like "Love you to the moon and back," "My family my love," "Faith hope love," "Enjoy the journey," and so forth, allow wearers to display their values through their own sense of style.


Bangle bracelets are solid bracelets that have been around for centuries. Today, women of south Asia sometimes choose to wear glass bangles on their wedding day. It is thought that once the bangles break, the honeymoon is over.

Bangle bracelets by Love This Life also come with charms of varying themes, but they differ from the traditional charm bracelets in several ways. The first is in their rigidness, and the second is in the way you adjust the size. The ends of the wire overlap the bracelet itself in a circular coil that can slide. But instead of removing a link to fit a smaller wrist, you gently bend the wire beneath the coils until it's the perfect size. Bangles can be worn not only on the wrists but on the upper arms as well.

You can purchase a bangle bracelet with just the charms or with charms and an encased clock face. A lot of women love having a decorative way to tell time without wearing a traditional watch around their wrist. Some come with floating charms, which are increasing in popularity. If you don't know what a floating charm is, think of it as a see-through locket, inside of which are usually gems and miniatures. If your wife has a lot of state pride, choose a bangle bracelet with a charm in the shape of her home state.


The cuff bracelet is rigid like a bangle, but it's open on the ends. The main distinction between a cuff and the other two types of bracelets is its inability to hold charms. Cuff bracelets are worn around the wrist or upper forearm, and they can be slightly adjusted by squeezing the open ends together. The Love This Life cuffs come with a quote stamped across the front such as "namaste," "I love you more," and even "love this life," among other sayings.


Lariat bracelets resemble a rope with the two end pieces held together by an enclosure that's used to adjust the size. The lariat bracelets by Love This Life don't have charms but rather a plate with a quote or saying, similar to the cuff bracelets. These are popular choices for women who like to have a really snug fit with their bracelets, as the enclosure can be pulled all the way against the wrist.

All of the Love This Life bracelets come as stainless steel or sterling silver plated, catering to those who may have metal sensitivities.

Shopping Tip: Before making a final selection, ask your wife if she's into arm parties, and note her reaction. If she seems into them, you may consider buying all four styles of Love This Life bracelets. After all, with an arm party, the more the merrier.