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Make These Decisions Before You Start Shopping For Cowboy Boots

by Rene Mitchelle

There are so many different styles of cowboy boots out there that finding the one that's perfect for you can be time-consuming and difficult. One minute, you think you've settled on a short boot with a round toe, but they you see a pointed toe boot with red embellishments, and you change your mind again. You can greatly simplify the process of shopping for cowboy boots by making some big decisions before you start browsing. By narrowing down the selection from the get-go, you can transform boot shopping from an all-afternoon task to a few-minute task.

Decision 1: What kind of toe do you want?

There are four basic options when it comes to toe shape. Deciding which one's right for you will essentially narrow your boot choices down by 75%!

Taper-toed boots, which have a toe that is rounded off, but becomes narrower at the end, are generally considered the most classic choice. This shape used to allow cowboys in the old west slip their feet in and out of stirrups easily, and is likely a good choice if you actually plan on riding horses in your boots.

Round-toe boots have a clunker, chunkier look. They may be difficult to actually ride in, but they can add tough, edgy appeal to an outfit.

Square-toe boots are a more modern style that is popular among the younger crowd. If you're planning on wearing your cowboy boots with dressier apparel, this might be a good choice. Some square-toed boots are broader than others. Decide whether you like the look or a narrower, sleeker square toe, or a bigger, chunkier one.

Pointed-toe boots come to a sharp point. They can look fashionable, but you should keep in mind that they tend to make your feet look longer. Thus, they may not be the best choice if you already have large feet.

Decision 2: How tall do you like your boots?

Short boots, which come just a few inches above the ankle, are a good choice if you plan on wearing your pants over your boots. They are sometimes more comfortable than taller boots in warm weather, since they cover less of your leg.

Medium-tall boots, which come to about the middle of your calf, are a great all-around choice. They'll protect you from chafing if you do actually ride a horse in them, and they have enough of an upper to look classy if your pant leg rides up and someone catches a glimpse.

Tall boots, which come past the mid-point of your calf, are a good choice if you're a serious horseman, because they offer more calf protection than medium-tall boots. You may also simply prefer this style because of the way it looks on your legs.

Decision 3: What's your favorite color?

Years ago, cowboy boots came in just tan, brown and black. Now, they are often embellished with colorful patterns. Some are even completely blue, red or dark green in color.

Decide first what base color you would like for your boots. Many people like to match the color of their boots and belt, so if you usually wear a black or brown belt, you may want to choose the same color for your boots. If you want to make a really bold statement, consider choosing red or blue for your base color.

Next, decide whether you want solid colored boots with just a little decorative white stitching, or if you want a few colorful accents. If you're not sure exactly what color accents you want, at least list out a few possibilities.

As you go through the process of deciding which style of boots you want, make note of the toe type, height, and colors that you decide upon. This way, when shopping online, you can narrow your search down to boots that meet those preferences, and save yourself a lot of time browsing through boots that don't meet your needs. For more tips and information, contact a company like Cowpokes.