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4 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Yoga Apparel

by Rene Mitchelle

If you are a beginning yoga student, you probably already know that you will need to have certain equipment in order to have the most productive and comfortable yoga sessions possible. However, not only do you need to have the right equipment, but you need to wear the right clothing with the right fit. Incorrect or ill-fitting yoga attire can inhibit your yoga sessions as well as be potentially embarrassing. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are selecting yoga apparel. 

Fit Matters

Yoga clothing, both pants and tops, are meant to fit tightly for a reason. Loose clothing that flows may make you feel more comfortable, but it can hold you back during your yoga sessions. If you your pants are too loose or have excess fabric, they can billow out during certain yoga poses, making it difficult for you to pose and creating a nice environment for you to get tangled up. Loose yoga pants also obstruct a clear view of your position and technique, making it harder for your yoga instructor to determine if you are properly posing. Tight fitting yoga pants will allow your practice to not only go smoother for you, as there is nothing getting in the way of your movement, but will also allow your instructor to correct, guide and teach you better. 

Loose fitting tops are also a bad idea when practicing yoga, due to the variety of poses that necessitate backwards and forwards movement. A loose fitting top while practicing yoga equals an exposed upper body. Low cut tops should also be avoided unless you are willing to risk exposure during certain poses.

You may be uncomfortable, at first, in tight fitting yoga clothing. However, tighter clothing is better all around. Remember, also, that your yoga pants should not extend past your ankles. This is a recipe for trips and falls. 

Type of Practice

There are many different subsets of yoga, and depending on what type of yoga you decide to practice, you will need to select your yoga clothing accordingly. For example, if you decide to practice Bikram yoga, you will probably want to purchase yoga shorts, or yoga pants that end below the knee, as well as sleeveless yoga tops. During Bikram yoga sessions the temperature of the room is gradually increased, as choosing apparel with this in mind will ensure you don't get too hot. 

If you practice outside or know your yoga studio is usually a lower temperature, then you are probably better off selecting yoga pants that end at your ankles. 


Yoga is exercise, and you will be sweating during your sessions. With that in mind, it is important to get more information on yoga clothing that is made out of breathable fabric for ultimate comfort. Cotton/lyrca blends are a popular option when it comes to yoga clothing, due to the breathability of cotton as well as the stretch of lycra. 

When buying yoga clothing, check the tags carefully. Stay away from the yoga apparel that is made from polyester or any other man made fabric. If not, you will find yourself itchy, sweaty, wet and uncomfortable. 

The More Minimal, The Better

When selecting yoga clothing, stay away from tops or pants that have zippers, drawstrings, extra folds, decorative fabric or ties. Although these things may make the clothing stand out a bit more, it will encumber you during practice. You don't want to have to be constantly worrying about whether or not your drawstring is untied or your zipper is down while you are trying to practice. 

Keep these tips in mind when you are going shopping for yoga apparel. Ensuring that you have the proper apparel with the right fit will mean that you will get the most out of every yoga session.