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What Makes Tutus The Ultimate Clothing Accessory

by Rene Mitchelle

Every little girl needs to own a tutu. Tutus are the ultimate costume accessory because of their diversity. Not only does a tutu come in handy for special occasions, but it can be worn year-round. In addition to that, tutus are simple to make yourself if you're the type of mom that enjoys a good craft.

Tutus Provide Diversity at Halloween

The most obvious way a tutu is the little girl's ultimate accessory is that it gives you a ton of different options for a Halloween costume. Your daughter's difficulty at Halloween won't lie in coming up with a costume, it will be in narrowing down her options. Here are just a few ideas for an adorable Halloween costume which incorporates a tutu:

  • Pretty Princess Costume
  • Fairy Queen Costume
  • Dancing Ballerina Costume
  • Darling Ladybug Costume
  • Sassy Minnie Mouse Costume

These are fairly simple costumes to create using a tutu. However, you can get really creative with your daughter's Halloween outfit. It doesn't even have to be worn around the waist. As one trick-or-treater experimented with costume ideas, she transformed her daughter into a cute and unique Starbuck's drink!

Tutus Make any Occasion Special

Halloween isn't the only event in which a tutu shines. Any time your daughter is feeling happy about something or wants to stand out, a tutu is a good place to start. Here are some other special occasions in which owning a tutu comes in handy:

  • Festive Birthday Parties
  • Girl's Only Tea Parties
  • Exciting Milestone Pictures
  • Groovy Dance Parties
  • Game Days/School Spirit Week
  • Other holidays, such as 4th of July and Christmas

Tutus can be Worn Year-Round for No Reason at All

The best thing about tutus is that they are so cute on little girls, that they are appropriate for daily use. You don't have to be celebrating anything to put your daughter in a tutu. You can store them in the dress-up box, but you can keep them in your daughter's dresser just as well. Pull them out for church, play dates, or just to cheer her up on a down day. Any day of the year can be a tutu day.

Tutus are Easy to Make Yourself

Lastly, tutus are a great accessory because they are simple to make yourself! If you want to make a tutu, all you need is elastic, tulle, and a good pair of scissors. Just be warned – once you finish your daughter's cute tutu, you'll want to make one for all her playmates and cousins, too. You could even make kitten tutus! Here are the basic steps:

  • Sew elastic band 2-3 inches smaller than your child's waist
  • Use 6" wide tulle (can be purchased by the spool at a craft store)
  • Cut tulle into strips twice as long as you want it to fall when the tutu is being worn. For example, if your child measures 15" from hip to knee, make sure tulle strips are at least 30" long
  • Fold tulle in half length-wise
  • Pinch center and make a slip knot around the elastic
  • Continue around, alternating colors if desired, until entire band is concealed under tulle
  • Add a bow, puff balls, or other cute embellishments if you want extra flair

Tutus are a fun, creative way to enhance your daughter's wardrobe. If you make your own tutus, they can be customized to any color or length you want. Tutus are also diverse enough to be worn year-round as well as for special occasions such as holidays and birthdays. All in all, tutus are the ultimate clothing accessory for a little girl to own.

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